sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

OVERPROTECTED by Tony Solis & Erica García

Aprovechando la visita de una amiga excompañera de universidad, llamé a Paula Arriola
para hacer estas fotos. Paula siempre ha sido una persona accesible y amable, dispuesta a trabajar
solo por el placer de hacerlo. Mi amiga Erica García y yo fuimos a escoger ropa al showroom de TEMORES
y la coordinamos con ropa que ella y yo teníamos en nuestros closets. Realmente la excusa para las fotos era usar los cascos que el produjo para su primera colección. En esa ocasión no intentábamos hacer una editorial de moda, solo queríamos desempolvar mi vieja cámara análoga y trabajar juntos haciendo algo divertido. El resultado fue bueno y a pesar de que las envíe a mas de 2 revistas extranjeras con buenos comentarios, nunca se publicaron. STUPIDMAGS!!!

Tony Solis

Taking advantage of the visit of Erica García, a friend from college, I called Paula Arriola to organize a photoshoot. Paula has always been accessible and kind, always willing to work for the pleasure of it. Erica and I went to pick out clothes from TEMORES’ showroom and we coordinated her with clothes from our own. What we really wanted was to have a good excuse to use the helmets he did for his first collection. In this occasion, we weren’t trying to make a fashion editorial but to dust my film camera and to work in something fun. The result was good; I decided to send the photos to 2 foreign magazines. Despite receiving good reviews they were never published. STUPIDMAGS!!!

Tony Solis

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Ustedes y Nosotros. dijo...

que bueno es tony.

Anónimo dijo...

Que bueno es Tony... ...Puede hacer algo mucho mejor que Sky Ferreira disfrazada de Meteoro para Nylon México. A S C O

Cheko Zucconi dijo...

hey k tal me agrado el concepto del blog y me gustaría poder enviarles algunas fotos mías que no eh publicado debido a varios aspectos... si tienen una cuenta de correo agradecería que me la pudieran pasar para poder contactarlos o si gustan pasar a mi blog por si les interesa alguna ...


Gracias, saludos y buena vibra :)

Gypsy&Fox dijo...

Wow let me tell you how inspiring your work is, this shoot describes my friend and i. We lost our jobs, lost our place, we are healthy but struggling. We are at the verge of becoming homeless. Here in Vegas theres not many places to go. To survive Day to Day we make jewelry such as hemp bracelets, feather earrings, and my specialty dream-catcher earrings and necklaces. Our items vary from Mexican to Native American art-jewelry. Trying to find jobs here is impossible we have spent 12 hours everyday straight for two weeks applying like crazy but no luck.. So now that that was our attempt we resorted to every mean of survival. We go down to Las Vegas boulevard post up in the bridge connecting the new casino The Cosmopolitan to The Planet Hollywood. I relate to this girl in this shoot because literally my friend and i only have the very last of our presentable cloths we could not sell to Buffalo Exchange, we travel everyday all over Las Vegas carrying vintage suitcases with all our lives in them. Its amazing our transition from vagabonds to nighthipsterchicks.. haha or whatever we are. I secretly wish everyday that we get discovered. The idea behind your shoot has to do with the Gutter Punks, people as a group or single who travel with their dogs and go from city to city. I have befriended this community, they are amazing people who become truly free to the world, no attachment most play instruments.. we have been accepted in their family. I am tempted to leave, my family brought me from Mexico to this hell, I am tempted to leave i have a couple of things i can do.. seclude my self and build my portfolio, or accept the tattoo apprenticeship i was offered.. your probably thinking why dont i do it, i just cant handle the city especially if i pick up the apprenticeship i feel i will be limited as an artist here where i can MAKE IT elsewhere. i want to develop my self because i know i can be someone as a tattoo artist but i want to master oil painting.. I am at the edge of leaving..
I will head down to Paris or Morocco to study art but i would like to go back to South America however if i leave this country i cannot come back.. if you understand what i mean.. and i left my country when i was 8, i guess i am just scared, but i would do the whole Motorcycle Diaries travelling and Penelope Cruz character in Brujas.. All i want to do is accept the world and persuit life to art..
I am sorry if what i have written is overwhealming but i just wanted to write and maybe know someone has read this..